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One day my husband and I was discussing what to get each other for our birthdays, because we share the same birthday month.

As many would know me, I love gifts which are practical – something I can wear, use. Don’t give me a decorative items for I will be bound to give it away one day. LOL. I’m not the type who look at branded stuffs (because I haven’t learned to appreciate brands, haha), I go for quality. Sometimes it thrills me to know that quality products does not have to carry a hefty price tag.

But having said that, I still dream of owning a Coach bag one day. A big one with lots of compartments.

And so I told him, “Yang I nak beg. Beg besar. (Translate: I want a big bag)” Not that I don’t have bags, but every time I go to clients’ places, I carry two bags:

1) My handbag for my normal stuffs – wallet, make up bag.
2) My A4-sized recyclable bag for my laptop and stuffs

Since the latter might give up on the laptop’s load one day (if not soon), I decided that I want a quality big-sized bag that can carry EVERYTHING. Including my laptop.

So one night, the husband and I was scrolling his Facebook page (more like I was being a busybody), when he saw a ‘Sponsored Page’ for Reebonz with a photo of nice bags. He stopped scrolling, I gasped looking at the pretty bags.

Come on ladies, you know what Reebonz is!

Then he said, “Meh, I belikan you bag dari Reebonz. (Translate: I’ll buy the a bag from Reebonz.”

I gasped again, and just before I could answer “OK!” He suddenly said, “Eh takpe lah! (Translate: Nevermind!)” and continued scrolling downwards.

It was because he saw the caption of that photo displaying the price tag. LOL! It’s okay, love, I think I have my eyes on a Charles&Keith bag – that is more friendlier to your wallet!

Ok, not so friendly, but friendlier than Reebonz!


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