Make Me Happy

In my office, we have a healthy-conscious colleague (a Bachelor Degree Holder in Food Sciences), who contradict-ly (if there is such a word), has an extremely sweet tooth. In the short span of 5 months she’s worked in Singapore, she can recommend to us many places here that serve the nicest desserts!

But then, she is also the one who will be explaining to us how many calories certain foods contain, the nutritional information and what not. There will be days when she will complain that she feels fat, there will be days when she gleams because she jogged the night before (LOL).

Oh well, women will always be women. And a Bachelor Degree Holder in Food Sciences will always be a Bachelor Degree Holder in Food Sciences.

So today I caught her carrying a cup of nice ice-cold Milo during our unofficial tea breaks, and we had this conversation…

Me: Ehhhhh? Whatchu holding! (Caught her attention and she walked over)
Her: Cold Milo lor…
Me: Hmmmmm…. (signalling to her if she should be drinking it, haha)
Her: Eh you know ah, usually for breakfast I will eat bread and drink Milo. But today hor, I just ate my bread. Then just now I feel so thirsty and lac k or energy hor, I tahan I told myself DO NOT BUY ANY MILK TEA OR MILO. Eh did you know that milk tea contains calories the same as two bowls of rice?
Me: SERIOUS AH! (seriously, I did not know this.)
Her: Ya lor! Because of the creamer and sugar la…
Me: Then how about that Milo you are holding?
Her: Milo is like Iced Chocolate. Chocolate makes you happy what.

And she walks away and turned to look at me cheekily.


image from pinterest

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