Island Escapade


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When the husband and I initially planned for a vacation in October, foodie-heaven Kuala Lumpur was in our minds, then it gradually changed to any place just to get away from the stressful ‘work-till-death-do-us-part Singaporean life’… and THEN Tok suddenly (and randomly) suggested Sentosa for a staycation.

Well, $390++ for a 3day2night promotion package inclusive of breakfast in a resort and island pass, why not? So we settled for the said-package at the Siloso Beach Resort. Our free shuttle mini-bus picked us up at Harbourfront MRT and dropped us off at the resort itself, the place was nothing I had ever seen- this is from someone who seldom get to travel. Truthfully, I was afraid we might have been cheated because I did not see any rooms, and it seemed like it was located right smack in the jungle!

Apparently, the resort lobby/reception is located on the 08th Level, while our room was located on the 06th level, there is a WATERFALL + swimming pool located on the 05th level, a roof garden at the rooftop, two restaurants at the 1st level with a path leading us directly to the beach!

OMG. Looked perfect to me already.


Our room was a deluxe room, with a nice toilet + bathtub and nice toiletries. What I loved about our room was that the windows are big and when the curtains are opened, you can enjoy a nice view of a green garden and slightly further up is already the beach aaand the sea. In fact, all the rooms face the sea, so if you love sea view hotels, just grab any available room, will ya?

This resort is the only Eco Living Resort on the island, where it strives to preserve the natural habitat of its surrounding. I had the previlege to watch a squirrel scampering just outside the restaurant while having breakfast, thank God there were no lizards in sight though.

They have two restaurants in-house, one being the Ivy Restaurant – a Halal certified restaurant serving French cuisine, which we did not get the chance to try because we were too excited exploring Sentosa. If you are non-Muslim, you may wish to try their specialty burger at the other non-Halal certified restaurant (just next door), which is quite highly publicised around the vicinity. Tok and I only sat there to enjoy breakfast. Haaah.

They also have a beautiful roof garden where you can also find a nursery filled with all kinds of flowers and potted plants, and there is also a rooftop hall with beach chairs just to enjoy the sea breeze and the sunset.

And I have saved the best for last – the swimming pool. Just imagine: a 4 to 5 storey high waterfall plunging right down to the pool, which has two slides leading to a big pool… AND a jacuzzi! Floating bouys on the water or at the sides of the pool just minding their own business waiting for lazy swimmers to grab them to help them float on water. With nothing but greenery surrounding you.

How not to feel relax, tell me? My mind was literally empty and my heart felt so free and felt so loved to be able to experience the wonders created by Him. When I finally opened my eyes, I found my husband lying on a hammock and calling me to join him. But I found the water slides more attractive. Woohoo.

Planning our 3 days there was not difficult at all, despite the fact that Sentosa offers many attractions and you thought you may be spoilt for choices. We played cheat a little, by purchasing an offer through Groupon. $35 per pax for a Cable Car ride, Sky Ride, Luge, Admission to Butterfly Park and a Quick Meal near the Butterfly Park – good deal no?

Getting around the island was no challenge either. First of all, Sentosa ain’t big yo! Secondly, there are maps practically ALL AROUND. So just hop onto the Beach Tram, or the free Bus, or even the Monorail – you’ll get to where you want to go and back to the busy mainland.

This trip has made us realized, that we are the island-getaway-kind-of people. It was a much needed one, even though Tok fell sick half way, and I still entertained my work emails – I look forward to another island getaway next year, in shaa Allah.

If you are interested, feel free to visit their website. And if you do decide to spend your staycation there, I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did. Click here to view the rest of our photos!


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