As I Sit Here

As I sit here about to sip this cup of goodness thatshallridallmyworkstressaway, I thought to myself ‘This is the time!!!’

The time to finally log into WordPress and type about something. Anything. I know I have not been updating this space a lot, although I want to but it’s always because of work. Even during weekends, my mind seem to be automatically in work mode thinking of what to do the moment Monday greets me (and I return it with a frown).

Ok, perhaps setting a goal like “blog as much as possible!” is not a realistic and measurable one (this is something I picked up during my audits, *snorts*), so let’s revise it (something else I pick up during my work): I shall update once a week about any topic.

The thing about me is that I think about a lot of things. I see something and my mind starts whirling with thoughts. If only those thoughts can automatically synchronize into an application then paste it into WordPress.

I wish.

To cdalite, I have finally set a realistic and measurable goal in attempt to prevent from you turning into a cave filled with virtual cobwebs and virtual skeletons. I am not doing this for people who reads my blog (as if I am so famous, ha ha), I am doing this for myself for reasons that only myself need to know.

Ok, my cup of goodness has finished. Till the next one!


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