What’s your name?

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Earlier today, while updating ourselves with Instagram, we saw one the husband’s friends who became a first-time daddy recently. And then we saw his son’s nice but looooong name, let’s just say the boy has three names. Then the husband asked me a random question…

Husband: Anak kita you nak letak nama ape? (Nope, not pregnant.)
Me: Mane la I tahu…
Husband: I tanak letak nama panjang2 tau
Me: Dah lah kena letak nama Daing kat depan, abeh nak letak nama panjang lagi… hurrhhh…
Husband: Bagus, I nak letak nama short.
Me: I pun, kalo boleh I nak delete nama ‘Daing’ tu.
Husband: Mane boleh! Itu nama mesti ade! Itu keturunan!! (I think someone got offended. Uh oh.)
Me: Boleh pe… actually nama ‘Daing’ tu tak compulsory ok!
Husband: Well, the bad news is… YOU ARE MARRIED TO ME!

Darn.. looks like I have no choice, have I?

Yours sincerely,
Clara Walter


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