Weekly Whitebelly: Death

This week, I am sure most of us (especially those who have grown up watching Fast & Furious-es) have been shocked by the death news of the late Paul Walker… and still is.

The husband refused to accept the news for the first few hours upon hearing it, I had a challenging time to coax him out of bed, so that we won’t be late for a wedding reception. After that, he named his favourite actors and said he wouldn’t know how he’d live if they passed away.

Half of me hopes they become immortals. Or convince the whole world not to announce the news of their deaths. Otherwise, I’d have another episode trying to get him out of bed (again).

Jokes aside, news of death should always remind us of its nature: shocking, sudden, unexpected, painful. This life we are living is just a dream, a loan and God can redeem it back anytime He choses to.

If you think about death and don’t find it scary – there is a possibility that you might be a robot. Now go and clean my room for me, robot.

Then today, we said goodbye to the late Nelson Mandela, who has been inspiring, encouraging and motivating us with his famous quotes. May we continue to be inspired and motivated, letting his spirit stay alive.

image from pinterest

On to an another death-related news, I stumbled upon a video of the Allahyarham Ahmad Ammar – a 20-year-old Malaysian student who died in Turkey in November (where he studied) due to an accident. It was his character and deeds that us, the ones who are still living, should use as one of our examples.

When he died, THOUSANDS of people came including his friends, and the crowd was literally running and scrambling to take turns carrying the coffin towards the burial grounds.  Subha-Allah. While I was watching the video, I couldn’t help it but to feel a mixture of amazement and fear at the same time. I really wondered and imagined as I might, how this person was really like to be deserving such a treatment when he passed away. At the same time, I couldn’t stop wondering about death.

I know the video below is about 25 minutes long, but remember you just spent days weeping for Paul Walker. No excuse!

Those who knew him, are so lucky to be able to befriend such a person, to be able to know his character and deeds. Masya-Allah.


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