Our Trip to Cameron Highland

why is this picture small? I don’t know. pffft.

During the Deepavali Weekend, my parents decided to treat us to a trip to Cameron Highland – because we successfully lost weight before we got married. What happened after the wedding, is another story. #whatmarriagedoestous

Overall, it was an enjoyable one, because it was my parents’ honeymoon’s destination (26 years ago), and it was our (le husband and I) first time to the place. We were among the 16 tourists travelling with Al-Firdaus Tours and it was a last minute arrangement. Quite quick too – flipped a few newspapers, and picked one below $200 per pax.

If you don’t already know, Cameron Highland is well known for her strawberry farms and tea plantations. So no prices for guessing what we saw there:





And more strawberries!

What made me excited first (even before the strawberries were in sight) was the cold air, it was unbelievable! I thought, come on, Malaysia can’t be thaaaat cold. Hah, amik kau. Even my jacket, socks, the hotel’s thick blanket and the air-con-less hotel room couldn’t save me.

Two days there went by very quickly, I was half-hearted to leave because I didn’t want to pack but at the same time I wanted to bid SAYONARA! to the air-con-like place so badly. However, now I can add one more place to my “Places I Have Been” List

Now you can view the pictures I took throughout our trip here, with the following things to note:
1) Pardon our double chin
2) Count the number of pictures where my dad had photobomb-ed them
3) The durians are the sweetest and bestest ever!!!!!

In case you are wondering, the A&W photo was taken during our last pit-stop before heading home, Jalan Masjid India at Kuala Lumpur. If you are Muslim (or Non-Muslim can also qualify) travelling to Malaysia and not at least eat Subway or A&W…. SHAME ON YOU. GI BALIK SUA.


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