She Weds

Kicking off 2014, was one of our Gangnam Girls’ wedding that took place on 04 & 05 January.

All nine of us are a close bunch. A noisy one too. And it has been that way since we all met some 10 years ago. But this girl…

This girl who got married that weekend is someone who has stuck with me through everything. Throughout our friendship, we’ve seen each other shed tears through problems, disagreements and shared comfortable silences and a fair share of laughters. Between the two of us, I’ve always thought she is a better friend than me, one who readily sacrifices for her friends, she’s there whenever you need her, whenever you need a helping hand, whenever you need a listening ear, from the start to the end.

So when she was getting married, a few days leading to the big day, I turned into an emotional happy mess to the extent that I dreamt about the wedding for over two nights in a row! I also cried at random moments at the thought that she was getting married (not in a bad way). Get this, I was just ride on the motorbike and me with the husband and we were on our way home when I just teared. Then I cried, sobbing at the pillion seat, unknown by the husband. Luckily I calmed myself down before we reached the car park. Hahaha. Gila la aku ni.

The days went too fast and before I knew it, I was seated behind her for her solemnization. While holding onto this fancy feathered pen to pass to her later, I firmly told myself repeatedly not to cry, telling myself:

DO NOT ruin people’s wedding photos (or the photographer could just crop the crying-me out while editing),
DO NOT ruin my make up….and
I DO NOT have enough tissues to last my waterworks and hingos (mucus).

Alhamdulillah, the solemnization and wedding reception went well, most importantly I DID NOT CRY AT ALL, and with the cooling weather it was even more a blessing. It was such a joyous celebration that every couple deserves. Especially my girlfriend here and her husband.

While I am typing this out, I still can’t believe that she’s married! And I think I’m going to cry again (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!)..

Anyway to my dear girlfriend here, you deserve all the happiness you have now and I pray for all the happiness that awaits you as you embark your new chapter as a WIFE! Take care of each other well, and endure the challenges that lie ahead and enjoy the good moments together. (Why do I sound like an advertisement?)


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