Best Things About Being in Your Late Twenties

Today, I read this article: The 18 Best Things About Being in Your Late Twenties

I felt that it is more suited to Westerners or those living like Westerners, so I would like to present to you MY version! (Heheheh)

The Best Things About Being in Your Late Twenties
1. Kiss92FM, Class95FM or alike are your most listened to radio stations
2. We frown at bands with super young members (like don’t they have subjects to study, or school to go to???)
3. If we go out, we come back no later than 3am. Unless you are planning a slumber party. Energy mostly depleted by 11pm.
4. If we know we are going to stay out late, we’ll sleep during the day before going out.
5. We turn to fast food restaurants to hang out only if there are no other options, or there is something new on the menu.
6. It is okay to to have more than 1 best friends.
7. It is okay to go out in odd-number groups (3, 5, 7 people in a group), because nobody ain’t got time to know who they can partner up with! what matters is the joy we get.
8. Us girls learn more about ourselves, our skin type, our body type – so that we know how to dress, what skin care suits best, which cosmetics to buy, etc.
9. We know that alone-time is perfectly fine and healthy.
10. It is never uncool to make silly faces and play with small kids. JOIN IN THE FUN!
11. Your best friends’ parents treat you like their own kids too!
12. Closer to becoming 31 years old!!! – it has been found that women who are 31 and above are the most beautiful

How funny is is that the list makes us reminisce our younger days? Would you like to add more to the list?


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