The Little Man in Our Lives

Oh, hello! You’re still here?

I suppose I don’t even need to tell you the reason for my absence, because you would have already known.

I am finally here because, aiyah no need to say why, what matters is that I am now typing out a new entry right?

I would like to introduce to the little man in our lives whose existence has brought out the child in us: Muhammad Falahuddin Bin Muhammad Farhan, born on 30 January 2014.

He is my brother’s and sister-in-law’s pride, who resembles a lot like his Ummi, and has his Abi’s name screaming all over that big nostrils little nose of his. Well, he has to inherit at least one of his father’s features, doesn’t he?

It has been three months now, and it is amazing to see how fast babies grow! This little boy is growing chubbier by the day and getting fascinated at every movement now – which us adults try to distract him with so that he’ll look at us. Don’t know who is more attention-seeking – Falah or us.

It is also fascinating to observe his every movement and listen to the sounds he makes, sometimes it feels like he is trying to tell us “LOOK I JUST LEARNED THIS NEW TRICK!” His long legs kick really hard and we think it must be attributed to his mum’s active involvement in silat, and his father’s long legs. We must encourage him to keep kicking, he may be a professional footballer one day. *wriggles eyebrows* Or basketball player. Any other profession will do lah, as long as he grows up tall enough so that he can help me get some things beyond my reach.

Dear Falah, please don’t grow up too fast. And when you grow up, make Ummi and Abi proud with your achievements. Life will be ups and downs, so stay cool when you are about to get mad, otherwise your flaring nostrils will make you uncool, so when things don’t go your way, don’t consider yourself unlucky. Instead, remain patient, remember your parents and us old folks who love you too much that I don’t want you to grow up and remember your other blessings.In shaa Allah, we will equip you with the life skills/lessons to prepare you for the exciting journey ahead. For now, remember that the wheels on the bus go round and round… all through town….

Now, excuse me while I reorganize my your photos in my handphone. (To do list: Create new album.)


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