Law-making and Peace-making

In the recent (or maybe not so recent) news, it was reported that the State of Brunei has officially adopted the Shariah Law. Well, that means, if you steal, OFF WITH YOUR HANDS!!! (And that is only one of the punishments.)

Since then, there have been mixed views from people all over the world. Some say, it is too strict la, too inhumane la, too extreme la, etc. Personally, if the adoption of Shariah Law can help reduce the crime rates, maybe to a drastic extent – why not? And for a Muslim country to implement the said-law within, the government officials and Sultan must have given their careful thoughts, due consideration and conduct lots of meetings and discussions about this before making such decision. Who are we to criticize the adoption of Shariah Law in Brunei, when we might not know what goes on in Brunei?

I am not saying I know everything, or I know how every country/state works, or I know how law works. I don’t. But Shariah Law or not, law exists to keep things in order, and to maintain peace. Punishments exist to create awareness among the rest on the consequences of our wrong-doings.

And Shariah Law or not, being a law-abiding citizen will help uphold peace everywhere we go.

You may or may not agree with me on this one, but that is okay. To each his/her own.

Now, what is this I hear about the a Sudanese Judge sentencing a 27-year-old pregnant lady to hang for apostasy and 100 lashes for adultery? What do you think about that?


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