Babykins Weds

This is a extremely overdue-d post (coming from me, I am not surprised, haha).

A MONTH ago, another Gangnam Gang member got married. I call her Babykins – thanks to her then-fiance (now-husband) who briefly gave her such nickname and the name’s stuck with me till now. Without her, I would not be finding myself working for the same awesome boss coming to 6 years now, although she has moved on to greener pastures about two years ago. Without her, I would be finding myself locked in an old office for a whole night. Without her, we won’t know that food can be ‘orgasmic’.

She is one of the strongest people I know (around my age), and after with  so many things she had to experience prior to this, we were so happy when 26 April 2014 finally arrived.

Of course you are more interested what the bridesmaids are wearing right? Hahahahhaa. Nah!

It was the bride’s request for dusty/pastel pink, so dusty/pastel pink it was! From how the picture turned out, dusty/pastel pink was the best choice!

The wedding progressed to the next day, over at the guy’s side, where all family members and relatives were in Indian costumes – Punjabi suits, Sarees and what-nots – it was such a festive affair and beautiful sight! Even the bride and groom joined in (and I love her make up!!).

I wished I could join, but with my bridge-less nose, any Indian costume will reject me. LOL. Anyway here’s a tiny peek at what the family and relatives were wearing (look at the couple at the bottom left):

….while the rest of us can’t stop playing with Babykins’ bouquet

The wedding finally ended with us shamelessly helping ourselves to the wedding bouquet, and taking the photo above. And below.

Tak tahu malu. Kan.

Photo credits:
Instagram @fyezaeden
Instagram @sitij86
Instagram @julianajumiat


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