Break My Stride

I have been listening to Kiss92 FM for months now, and if you enjoy the songs they play with the likes of Britney Spears’ hot hits, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Celine Dion, etc – that is a sign of aging. Music-wise. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Besides those cool hits, they also play the much older hits which may trigger some of our old folks’ memories. Apparently, I seem to enjoy those hits too! Uh-oh, accelerated aging alert!

So these days I have this habit – all thanks to my curiosity – whenever I start to like a certain song that has been played repeatedly, I would see on Kiss92 FM’s “Now Playing” box to see the name of the song and artist, followed by switching to YouTube to find the video to… well, I am just curious to see how the music video looks like. Haha.

Then earlier I heard this song called “Break My Stride” performed by Matthew Wilder. It is such an upbeat song, but I had to restrain myself and limit my movement to just bobbing my head right and left. Hoho. But when I searched for the video in YouTube and watched it, my excitement took a turn and I got so amused by the dancers. Correction: I got SUPER amused by the dancing!

I watched it twice, it’s like watching Jerseylicious – you’ve watched it once at all the drama and then they just happened to show a repeated telecast and you know you didn’t have to watch it…..but you did. YOUKNOWWHATIMEAN? Throughout that playback, I felt my brain challenged me to learn those dance steps. Then I felt my fats trembled jiggled with fear. Imagine the kilos lost if I could actually dance like that. 

Challenge accepted, BRAIN! Excuse me while I go mental-dancing for awhile.



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