بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Since the day my grandmother passed away, I often reflect about the world we are living in, about Hari Kiamat, about Akhirat, about our deeds. It scares me to realize that this world, the relationships we forge with people, our life achievements, the material assets we own – are all temporary. How we live our life today, determines our eternal life in the here-after.

I’ve always loved to visualize and imagine things just by hearing what people say. For example, “OMG, YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS LADY’S EYES! SHE WAS WEARING A NIQAB AND ALL, BUT HER EYES WERE BEAUTIFUL!” I try to imagine the most beautiful eyes ever existed. Something that has blue, green, purple mixed into one. Don’t forget to add the sparkle, perfect eybrows and long natural lashes. NATURAL LASHES. You lucky woman you.

Or, “OMG, HE’S DAMN HAIRY!!!!” Then I imagine hair sprouting out from his shirt. Should I continue? LOL.

So, these days I imagine what my grandmother is going through. Of course, she is no longer alive, but surely the malaikats, azab kubur, nikmat kubur are all true… It will then seep in to realize that ALL OF US will go through it.

I suddenly thought of all the bad things I have done, and recalled what was being taught during madrasah days – about the excruciating punishments in Hell and the beyond unimaginable-beauty in Heaven. Ya Allah!

Ok, nervous level just up-ed by a million levels. Then, as if Allah was consoling me, I recently downloaded a randomly-found book from Google Play and started reading it. It was about being happy, in Islamic context although I feel it can apply to anyone regardless of religion. The text was in Indonesian, and I would love to try my best to translate it for you (despite my limited and deteriorating Bilingual Malay-English vocabulary).

There is only one thing you should keep in mind to be happy. LIVE IN THE PRESENT.

There is no use regretting the past for it will never come back to you for corrections. No use fretting over past mistakes, past grudges, and there is no use being sad over things and people who have gone. These things will never return back to you. Let bygones be bygones.

There is no use worrying about tomorrow for it has not arrived yet. Sure you can make brief plans for tomorrow, but not to such an extent that you think too much into it or sacrificed so much for. What if you didn’t live long enough to see that day that you have planned?

Live your life for today. AS IF TODAY IS YOUR LAST. Forget any grudges. Forgive those who have wronged you. Say only nice things. Pray on time. Do things with sincerity. Ask forgiveness from Allah for your past mistakes. How do you want people to remember you the last time they see you alive? Definitely not as someone who “is always bad-tempered” or “filthy-mouthed” or “selfish”, etc….


So far I am only into a few chapters of the book, but in shaa Allah will share more along the way.

Now as the saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason. And there is hikmah for everything that has happened.” As ironic as it may sound, if my grandmother had not passed away, I would not have made these reflections and realizations.


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