2015 (yes, this blog is still active. LOL.)

To kick off my first official entry for the year, let me wish you HAPPY 2015. It does not matter that we are already entering the 20th day, it is the thought that counts. 😀

If some of you are getting hitched, or having a baby, or getting a new place, or embarking a new chapter in your life this year, congratulations! May your preparations be a smooth, enjoyable and memorable journey.

While many of us enjoy reflecting and reminiscing the memories that happened in 2014, let us also look forward to move forward, with new energy flowing into our bloodstreams with progressive and/or new goals to continually improve ourselves. Spiritually, mentally and physically.

I have chosen 2015 to start a healthy and happy lifestyle. The only struggle I encounter is to EAT healthily because of my undying love for delicious, fattening food. I am in the midst of learning about healthy food ingredients, apparently ‘healthy’ seldom go hand in hand with ‘delicious’….although they DO exist, but you need to look hard! And having a mind like a chef may help too.

Anyway, staying healthy is a good reason to stay happy. For me, I don’t find getting up every morning a chore now, and I am definitely falling sick lesser. I feel more energetic and less worrisome on issues that only God knows.

2015 is also the year that me and the husband look forward to getting the keys to our new flat, in shaa Allah! That will be mid-2015, in shaa Allah just before the fasting month. We plan to DIY most of the stuffs since the husband loves to assemble stuffs (he did his magic to his parents’ place during their move-in and I was impressed) but of course there are some things we still need the help of a good renovation contractor. (Feel free to recommend good contractors if you know any!) And because both of us have many differing ideas from each other, we decided that he will be in charge of the living room decor, I will be in charge of the kitchen decor, but both us will need to work together for our bedroom decor.

This is where we turn to Pinterest as our mediator. Thank you to the genius who created Pinterest! It has given many of us so many ideas and inspiration. (I turn to Pinterest when I feel lazy to go to the gym. I even turned to Pinterest when I wanted to buy a new bag. Dependency level on Pinterest: 99.999999%! LOL.)

I hope your first 20 days have been a blast so far, let’s have a blast for our next 345 days!

Photo credit: Pinterest

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