30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Motivated Mornings

As part of our continual self-improvement, we need to reflect and review our activities, decide which bad habits to throw and what good habits to cultivate.

When I was randomly browsing Pinterest (my 2nd favourite social media place to visit at the moment), I came across The Every Girl (aka TEG) website, and I was led to the 30 Day Challenge. ‘Interesting….‘, I thought. After failing to follow through my 30-day Squatting Challenge last year, I decided not to give up on myself and let’s do this.

The intention may be to do it for fun in the first place, but who knows it can eventually lead us to cultivate a good habit. For example, TEG’s 30 Day Challenge: Drink 8 Oz. Glasses of Water Each Day that is currently happening. You know how vital it is to keep our body hydrated, so if you are not already drinking enough water, TAKE UP THIS CHALLENGE!

So if you can see, they have all sorts of 30-day challenges at the moment, and I know I am a newbie at TEG plus not all challenges are relevant to my usual activities, so I am not going to follow their current 30 Day Challenge and take up their 30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of Motivated Mornings instead.

The idea is to wake up 30 minutes earlier that your usual waking up time, and use this “extra” time as motivation in the morning. Consider the normal or new activities that can perk up your morning leading to a productive day. I plan to share and track my challenge via Instagram, not forgetting hastagging #TEG30daychallenge to see how everyone’s doing with their own challenge!

Find out more about this challenge I’m taking on here. All the best to me! Huahuahua!

(Thank you, TEG!)

Photo credit: theeverygirl.com

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