I do not know what to title this post, because I am still in disbelief that I was not at The Star watching Anuar Zain in Concert earlier today. LOL. Just kidding, I am more annoyed at Suria’s Facebook for giving live updates on the concert.

Fine, I did not have to keep checking Facebook in the first place. It’s my fault.

Oh wells, husband’s NO meant NO since he first said it in December when I asked him. Maybe he is actually arranging for an appointment for us with Anuar Zain secretly for our upcoming 2nd year anniversary surprise. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Dalam mimpi je lah!

Aku redha. Aku redha. Sobs.

Anyway, during my Facebook-scrolling with slight jealousy seething (more on feeling annoyed) at Suria’s Facebook live feed on you-know-what, I saw this:

I did not pursue further to click on the link which also means I need to subscribe to read it, but I think we know what this about. It hit me close to my heart because I know couples whose husbands earn lower than their wives but are always very much in love.

Does how much a man earn matters to a relationship? Or does it have to do with a man’s ego?

I am no marriage counsellor, but I know this:

It’s all about respecting, supporting and trusting each other. Because you (the husband) may be earning like the world’s richest man but what if (touchwood) one day, you lost your job? Or, because both of you will have a children and your wife may decide to quit her job to look after them.

Is divorce THE solution? I call it “running away” from the initial promise you made to be there for each other when you decided to get married.

Dear men, I am sorry if the term “man ego” really exist and that earning a lower pay than your wife gives you the pressure. But if your wife STILL sticks with you under such circumstances, gives you emotional support and motivates you without her complaining and degrading you, you know you have married a keeper.

Dear ladies, be that keeper. Who are we to look down on others or the one who loves us, for that matter?

At the end of the day, whether the problem is financial-related or not, we still need to respect, support and trust each other.

I dedicate this post to couples who have been through it all and still sticking with each other, to the husbands/fathers who work so hard, and to the wives/mothers who never mattered how much their husbands earn and for always supporting in whatever way possible.

In a slightly related matter, I LOVE that lady’s shoes although I know I may never wear them. SIGH.

By the way, Suria, please don’t take offense about me being so annoyed with your live feeds, you are doing awesome!


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