Thank you, Sir. #RIPLKY

This is something I do not want to procrastinate and must post today.

Today, Singaporeans have lost one of our founding fathers. I was only informed of this news when I was about to iron my work clothes this morning and my dad asked “Nari tak holiday?” Followed by a relative’s (from JB) Whatsapp asking if we got a public holiday.

I felt numb, and I was immediately brought back to the night a few months ago when my mum called from JB to tell me my grandmother just passed away. I felt so sad but I told myself not to cry because:

1) It is Monday
2) I am going to work
3) Why the hell is everyone so bothered about a holiday???

But when I reached the office in time to listen to the PM’s speech, halfway through his Mandarin version, I could not contain it any longer.

He was my first reason for watching NDP (second reason is the marching contingents), the only person I looked forward to seeing to every NDP. While the President stands in a vehicle that goes one round and waved, I made sure I did not miss seeing LKY whenever the camera focused on him.

However, for the past three years, my heart broke seeing him at NDP and him having to close his ears because the noise coming for the jets were too loud. I get torn asking myself questions like ‘Shouldn’t he be at home?’ ‘Why is he here?’ when I just really wanted to see LKY on TV during NDP.

Mr. LKY may not be related to us by blood, but he is someone whom we read about in our history books, seen through TV, heard about through our parents, grandparents, History teachers, etc. Without him, we would pretty much still living in lowly developed country.

Perhaps I don’t expect the much younger generation to understand but the older generation and those who are around my age will definitely understand this loss. I guess now we get the honor to tell others about this great man whose determination built Singapore into becoming a dynamic city.

Thank you Sir for everything you have done for us, may your exemplary spirit, courage and determination be something us Singaporeans can look up to.



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