Why you should go and watch Fast Furious 7

(Before you continue to read further, do be reminded that I am no expert in movie reviewing.)

If you, like my husband and I, watched Fast & Furious from its very first till the 6th sequel, you know you cannot miss this 7th one. It feels like you grew up with the Fast & Furious (except that Singapore has speed limits), although the drama “Growing Up” would be more relatable to us.

Anyway, my husband kindly booked a pair of tickets for us to watch the sneak preview last evening. And here is why I feel you should watch it, if the sound of fast (and beautiful) cars and action-packed movies thrill you.

Yes, it is claimed that this is the last Fast and Furious movie (because I think there will be more coming). And yes, Paul Walker passed away during the production of this movie. But let us not focus on that. Look forward to the excellent & action-packed plot, beautiful cars, beautiful places and the beautiful cast. And The Rock too. Yes.

Like the previous sequels, this will not disappoint you. Action starts right from the beginning and nearing the end. If you have heard that, Paul Walker’s brother stood in for some of the scenes, you might just be able to spot it although it does not affect the quality of this movie.

The killer is at the end of the movie. I found it heart-warming but the husband cried. Because they did a lot of flashbacks from the first movie till the 6th…. with Paul Walker in every flashback…..with an emotional song playing at the background.

If I were a movie review expert, I would give it 4.5 popcorns, but I am not, so I will just tell you to GO WATCH IT! At least for this guy.

I am half-hoping I look this tough at the gym. Swoon.

Eh salah. These (or any of) guys. Hehehe.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as you did!

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