Hi everyone (reading this).

I feel that it is my obligation to share this VERY IMPORTANT piece of information that D (I decided to refer my husband as ‘D’ from now on, because ‘the husband’ saves 9 alphabets and space. LOLLL.) shared with me the other day.

His workplace recently has a fire safety talk where a fire safey manager from a legit company to provide a short brief on well, fire safety (takkan ajar macam mane nak barbeque kan) lah. If you are not from Singapore (and reading this), it is pretty normal local companies to have a fire safety talk to create awareness on potential hazards at work and how to prevent it (then they will also promote their smoke detector, fire extinguishers, etc).

So, did you know that the average time taken you should charge your mobile phones is two hours? Charging for more than two hours can cause your phone to overheat and reduce the life of its battery. Though there was one time I was so freaked out that my phone felt super hot I thought it might explode at me. I almost wanted to throw my phone that day….until D said that there was actually a running application on the phone that is taking up lots of battery usage. That’s why laaaar.

Moral of story, make sure you close whatever application on your phone after usage okay!

Also, you must never charge your phone UNDER YOUR PILLOW. It is a potential FIRE HAZARD. Before D shared all these with me, I used to charge the phone under my pillow. Because what if someone calls me? Because what if I can’t head my phone alarm? Now I put it elsewhere to charge, anywhere else except under my pillow, takot jugak kalo bangun muka kepala hangus kan.

So if you have read news about exploding phones, take it seriously!!


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