Hello good people! I hope all are well and in the best of health…

…and Ramadhan Mubarak to my Muslim friends! Hope this month has been nothing but a blessing thus far. No matter how good or bad a situation you may be in, always have faith in Him. There is always a blessing in disguise behind everything.

Since my last post till now, I dare say I have been super busy, which makes me question myself so many times whenever I read an updated post online. (Oh the irony to have time to read others’ blogs but no time for mine.) D and I have been busy doing up our place and we are almost ready to move in! BUT not ready for Raya, hahah.

I am so excited to share updates with you guys because we learned A LOT during the process (and it is not all rainbows and butterflies okay!).

So to spare you from reading a super long entry in this one, I plan to break this experience into parts (don’t know how many parts it will take, but I will keep sharing!).

Let’s start!


(Disclaimer: The hashtag does not imply that my house is cool, macam ‘awesome’ or ‘paling best’ kind of cool. But you are welcome to if you feel that my house is cool overtime as you read on. Hahahaha. Anyway, I do have a different reason for such hashtag, which you will know why soon! Maybe my house ade install aircon at every turn ke, sebab tu cool, mane tahu kan??LOL.)


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