“Anak Angkat”

A quick post because this is bothering me. No, I am not fostering any child(ren), but my mother announced to us kiddos yesterday that she is welcoming an anak angkat the next day…which is today.

She even spring cleaned the study room, actually, she basically dumpedtransferred everything in the study room into my former room. So imagine our (the kiddos) shock when she showed us pictures of the rooms. D was quiet upset. I was pissed, upset, confused.

It so happened that we also went to their place after work yesterday, that she emphasized about this anak angkat she is welcoming today and that she hoped we will come by today so that she can introduce him/her to us.

Guys, I am very disturbed by this. How can such a decision be made without consulting us???

My brother, on the other hand, was super cool about it. In fact, the rest of us had so many question marks on our faces except for him. Dekni biar betol adik aku…takde feelings ke…

The question marks on our faces led to us asking my mother so many questions about this anak angkat, so far these are the information we have gathered as of last night:

Everyone (including my nephew) will love this anak angkat
Staying here forever
Fair complexion
From Korea
Looks like Lee Min Ho – to the excitement of my sis-in-law
Not any of our cousins
No need to cover our aurats

I am beginning to think that this anak angkat is someTHING, guys. Not someone.

But it’s still nagging my mind.


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