Meet the Anak Angkat

Following my post a few days ago about this suspense my mum dropped on us, I would like to introduce to you her ‘cool’ anak angkat.


My parents have officially welcomed a second fridge into their house, which proved to us that one big fridge and one freezer box are not enough for someone who doesn’t operate a food stall. Hahaha.

All of us are quite thrilled with the freezer compartment because now it means we no longer have to bend down to dig for ice (yabadoo!). Now we just need to open the left door and a container full of ice greets us with its oh-so-sejuk ‘breath’. The better news is that, we don’t have to tutup aurat in front of it! HAHAHAH.

So yesterday when us kiddos were at home and helped my mum to cook, my mum asked us to get some ingredients from the fridge, now with this new addition, we needed to ask “WHICH ONE?”

Then after a quick deliberation, we have named this fridge “Lee Min Ho fridge”, because it came with a flyer that has him on it. Problem solved.

Welcome, Lee Min Ho. Please help us to serve my parents well so that they won’t eventually get a third fridge!

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2 thoughts on “Meet the Anak Angkat

    • I can imagine a conversation starting with, “Pegi amikkan belacan dekat Lee Min Ho.” Hahahahha. Lee Min Ho might soon find himself mysteriously tersedak-sedak each time my mum prepares to cook.

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