Using a Sunnah as an excuse? Not cool.

I get slightly delighted whenever D’s reservist approaches because it means bye-bye to his whateverstyleyoucallit-hair. He loves experimenting with hair styles, and he is blessed with good-looking and straight hair, but unfortunately his selected hair styles usually gives me a heart attack.

However, this year’s reservist was slightly different. Luckily for him (and unluckily for me), this is his current hairstyle:


….only uglier, because his sides are shaved. That means he can hide his toncet. He thinks he looks like a samurai, but I think he looks like a samurai burger. LOL. We had to buy one more packet of hair ties because we now have two people tying our hair!

ANYWAY, I have digressed. Hah.

Before reservist, he shaved his beard but kept his moustache, because he plans to grow it out and look like:


…with the lentik all because D gentels the sides of the moustache. My husband is more fashionable than me, I tell you.

On the second day of reservist, some of the guys (including D) received a warning letter to shave and keep short whatever they needed to. So goodbye to the lentiktakmenjadi moustache! seeyouinafewmonthstimebutifidontseeitanymorepunokay

He also shared with me that one of the guys was not planning to shave his beard despite the warning letter this Muslim fella received. Reason given: Religious purposes.


Like that also can! Dalam hati ini berkata “Nasib baik my husband tak cakap misaiwakdoyok tu also for religious purposes.” Hahahaha.

First of all, keeping facial hair, for men, is a SUNNAH. You don’t commit a sin for shaving it!

Second of all, with the current world affairs, this guy could create more misunderstanding about Islam.

Third of all, is he just using it as an excuse? Wallahu’alam.

Anyway, D said the guy got suspended later, which means the guy will have to go through an additional cycle of reservist, to make up for this one.

Or maybe he loves reservist too much and doesn’t want it to end.

Photo credit: Pinterest



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