New Age Parenting

My friend and I called for an impromptu lepak session at her place yesterday, just hanging out and desperately ‘squeezing’ a smile from her 8-month-old daughter, because she likes to jual mahal like that. Haha.

Then we were talking about how we expose kids these days to Youtube just to keep them quiet and entertained while we need to get our own stuffs done. While it is a quick and convenient solution, have we ever thought about the effects if we prolong this solution?

I am not anti-Youtube. I enjoy watching Youtube videos and I do find some videos educational. But if I want to share a video with my newphew, I watch the video first and screen it before hand. The first video I exposed to him was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and at almost two years old now, he can sing the song in perfect tune (lyrics may not be perfect yet), with a dance that looks like tai-chi exercise…but still cute lah.

In his defense, the dance steps in the video is like tai-chi exercise. So I don’t have to worry that my nephew dances funny. Hahahaha.

So remember when we were younger and rebellious, our parents loved to warn us, “Tu la you belum ada anak, you tak tahu susah nya.” How much is that applicable now that you are a parent at this day and age? With social media and electronic gadgets, etc.

I may not be a parent now, hopefully one day, In Shaa Allah, but I think parenting becomes more challenging as time goes by. Aren’t we thankful that there are some people who create/organize/invent things to make parenting a little easier?

(Thank you, baby expos for saving our wallets.)



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