The Cookbook Challenge


In October this year, D bought me this recipe book in KL after a failed attempt to find a recipe book I really wanted (something that has 365 recipes in it). But hey, this looked close enough, only 15 recipes lesser! Heh.

3 months later, I have only attempted one recipe. ONE. The book has since comfortably resided on the study table, collecting dust.


SO! I set a challenge to myself to complete ALL the recipes in this book by the end of 2016. I think that is more realistic and less stressful than “try one recipe per day”, for someone who doesn’t really cook every day.

This book is in Malay language and it really consists of 350 recipes of all genres. From drinks, to appetisers, to main course, to Western food, to desserts – silap-silap boleh bukak restaurant sekali youuuu. #confidentlevelovertheroof

I did have some concerns initially,
– I don’t eat lamb
– I may not know some of these ingredients in Malay

But hey, lamb can be substituted with something else, right? And we have mums/makciks and already-domesticated friends to help us with the ingredients (nagging from the former would be added ‘bonus’).

I would love to share with you guys how each recipe turns out, and share the recipe here if it’s delicious.

To a more domesticated me in 2016!


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