What January taught me.


It’s February already guys! I hope everyone has had an awesome kick-start to 2016 so far!

I think my #cookbookchallenge is not going to hold up guys, belum start pun! LOL. So after some mental review, I decided not to commit myself to it.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share what I have experienced in January because I made little changes to my usual routine, and I have found them beneficial, even if it is a tiny bit. You can skip the whole lot of paragraphs below and just scrolled at the bottom to read my point. Haha.

5 habits, 5-day challenge
I signed up for this free challenge with Aqilah, the founder of 1-Habit Nutrition, which inculcates 5 healthy habits to last you a lifetime and it came just at the right timing because it started on 04 January 2016.

Personally, I find it useful because the nature of this challenge came with no pressure and Aqilah, she is like your cheerleader (insert Omi’s song here). It is only FIVE habits la, so kamontakmojadipemalasokay!!! Interested? I plan to share more about it in another post, in Shaa Allah!

Lunching out (watch out, lengthy one ahead!)
I have always preferred to lunch in, because I won’t have to bergasak with the lunch crowd for so many reasons. My colleagues, on the other hand, always lunches out but they don’t face the same problem because their lunch time is usually after 1.30pm, so if I followed their timing, I think I need to carry myself out in a stretcher because dah pengsan terlalu lapar.

But it was only late this month I realized that I coop up in an air-conditioned office (with NO windows, believe it or not) for the whole of 9 hours, and that can’t be healthy! Ironically, I’ve been in this office since June 2012, sekarang baru nak sedar. Pffft.

I also started to feel left out because in the office my colleagues and I mostly talk about work, with some of them always engaged in meetings. And because I am so used to lunching in all the time, my colleagues, with their ‘telepathic power’, would get out from their cubicles and leave for lunch altogether without asking me. I have never taken offense because I figured that why waste your effort asking someone to lunch out when one seldom lunches out? But I ever felt anti-social though.

So, on the first working day of 2016, I brought home-cooked lunch and announced (dengan muka tebal) to my colleagues that I would be lunching out with them. I have seen people bringing out their lunch box for lunch and eat in the canteen/food court with their colleagues, so why not I try it? Who cares if strangers confront me for bringing ‘outside’ food, my colleagues are patronizing the stalls there, aren’t they, and I am only one person.

Although there are days that I don’t bring home-cooked food, but I still made it a point to go out for lunch. But guys, if you are the type who always lunch in, try going out during that one hour lunch break, even for a short walk. Fresh air never killed anybody, you know.

And after a month of this, I find it to be life-changing. To be immersed in personal conversations, listening to my colleagues about their recent trips, sharing funny stories and our holiday plans, etc. Most importantly, getting a healthy dose of fresh air (sometimes infused with cooked food from nearby stalls, heh).

I also figured out that if I have a proper breakfast by 9am, I can join my colleagues for a lunch out at about 1.30pm (without feeling starved), where the crowd is less daunting. And in order for me to get a proper breakfast, I plan for it the night before, and sometimes prepare breakfast the night before – settled!


These small changes has turned me into a more organized person, always thinking in advance (at least for the meals) and I am happy that my colleagues now call me out for lunch.

What has happened made me realize that if something is troubling you or even if the slightest issue nags at you inside, figure it out and do something about it. Everyone has got their own issues, but don’t see them as problems. Instead, see them as a opportunity for you to tackle them, for you to reflect and thing what can be done to improve things.

Seek help if you must, ask if unsure, isolate yourself if you need to think properly. Don’t wait for the new year to start – start anywhere! Because if you wait it out, you’d just find yourself procrastinating and end up not doing anything.


So February, what will you bring me this month?


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