Chicken oh Chicken

I remember the times I used to be disgusted at the thought of cutting up chicken parts. The blood and gore – my heart cannot take. Despite my mum’s constant reminders about how important it is to know how to cut a chicken, I only decided to learn just before I get married.

I even recorded a video of how she cut up a chicken. You know, in case I forget how to.

Then when I was learning how to cook with my MIL, I discovered that she never buys a whole chicken! She buys a pack of chicken parts, which exclusively contains the SAME chicken parts (all drumlets, or all wings). And I thought, hey, this is clever, especially for a person like me who touches a whole chicken with her fingertips.

And then lo and behold, when I saw the price tag on a pack of such chicken parts. It’s about 30% more expensive than a whole chicken! Eh, no way I am spending $9 plus on a pack of drumlets/wings!

So yes, I am back to buying whole chickens again and cutting them up with my trusted cleaver and a pair of shears.

But thennnnnn… recently I went to NTUC Finest at Waterway Point, and guess what I saw?

One whole frozen chicken…. CUT UP FOR YOU ALREADY!!! So you get two drumsticks, two wings, two drumlets – you get what I mean. The price is about 10% more expensive then buying a whole chicken and cutting it up yourself.

This is more practical for consumers who would not want to be eating drumlets or wings only, AND do not want to be dealing with cutting chicken ourselves. But would you pay the slight extra for the cut up chicken parts? Or you rather cut it up yourself?



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