Quick to Judge

Hey did you guys hear about an almost-solemnization ceremony in a KL mosque that was all over the social media recently?

Kecoh pe.

You know, that incident taught me a very valuable lesson. On Monday morning when I read the ‘feature’, I and alongside other people who commented immediately frowned upon the bride’s family’s doings and sympathized with the groom who might be nursing some balukus today. We were like, ‘Kesian nye pengantin lelaki, ni. Kenapa hantaran tinggi sangat, perempuan nye side demanding pe!’

My mistake was, I was so quick to judge and I had forgotten that there are always two sides to a story.

So now that we know the story, it was very unfortunate that something like this happened, and at a mosque pulak tu.

Let it be a lesson to us all, for every disagreement can be settled in a civilized way. Right or not?


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