And so it began

ASSALAMUALAIKUM (Peace be upon you) everybody!! I am quite stoked to be here after about two months, not that I owe anybody my presence here. Huahuahua.

First and foremost, let me wish ALL my Muslim brothers and sisters RAMADHAN MUBARAK! I hope Ramadhan has been kind to you, and that we are enjoying His blessings with what the month brings us.

This Ramadhan has been a pretty exciting one for me (and maybe D too), although we have been married for three years, but this year is our first (of the rest of our lives) spending the month in our very own place, alhamdulillah!

If you are married and still living with your parents, let me tell you how lucky you are.
– Tak payah perah otak nak pikir nak makan ape untuk buka and sahur.
– For sure akan bangun untuk sahur no matter how many times you hit the snooze button (anybody kena the ‘renjis-renjis air’ method before? LOL).
– Tak payah kelam kabut balik rumah lepas kerja nak start masak untuk buka.
And for that, thank your parents.

Stay with your parents forever lah. 


Before anybody or D flips out thinking I want to move back to my parents’, my objective of this post is:

Cherish your folks as much as you can while they are still alive, and able. 

Until you start living on your own, you’ll never realize how dependent we have been on them. You’ll never realize that food has been cooked by Mum and ready for consumption on your sickest days (I’m referring to bad flu days, or similar). You’ll never realize that your laundry has been taken care of without worrying what to wear tomorrow (proooobably not quite the case for ladies).

On the other hand, living on your own gives you a sense of ownership, ‘upgraded’ responsibility and forces you to be independent. In some cases, it brings an interior designer out of you too. Heh. But it is still not the same as living with our parents, right or not?

So, if you are a ‘newbie’ like me, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US! But if you have been staying at your own home for some years, any ‘survival’ tips for Ramadhan? Do share!!



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