The Rule of Marriage

I read somewhere before that one of golden rules of marriage is never to sleep apart. And never sleep angry with each other. 

I take that rule pretty seriously. Serious enough to nag at D for waking up in the morning to find him sleeping him at the next room. Serious enough to still force him to sleep on the same bed even when he feels sick.

Well, last Thursday I was taught a pretty rough lesson: SLEEP SEPARATELY WHEN ONE IS SICK. 

D had been having an on & off fever since last Monday which I don’t know how he managed to endure it until Wednesday. Every night when I remind him about the “golden rule”, he would reply, “I tak nak pass kat you, nanti you sakit macam mane?” To which I can reply (ah yes, masih boleh menjawab, LOL), “Kalo Allah tak kasi I sakit, no matter what I tak akan kena jangkit. Kalo Allah nak I sakit, you tak sakit pun I boleh sakit tau!”

Oh yes, Allah showed me alright.

Last Thursday we both woke up with high fever.

The docs at KTPH granted us 2-days mc, and usually I would be one to rejoice silently (until I leave the clinic) because that means long weekend (woohoo!!!), but this fever was something.

We could not eat without vomitting, we could not look at food pictures without feeling nauseous, D shat for about 20 times during that long weekend, and I lost about 4 kilos from all that vomitting and NOT-eating. Not forgetting, there are only the two of us at home. Sape nak panggil? Ghostbusters? Ghostbusters pun tak nak layan aku rasa!

I had a flash thought of calling my MIL over since she stays the nearest, although she would need to take public transport over, but then we decided not to trouble her. So yup, it was just the two of us then.

We missed 3 open house invitations during that weekend, and I felt depressed whenever I looked out the window and saw people in their raya clothes.

Alhamdulillah, our energy slowly picked up by Sunday, and by then I was like, “Weekend burn sia,” but our digestive systems were still down so even the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream in the freezer failed to cheer my stomach.

At the same time, that long weekend has its blessing in disguise. Like the weather that Thursday till Sunday. Like how we still get to taste the food ordered by my brother/SIL for their open house. Like my parents riding up to our place to deliver the food and my mum & I spent chatting away on my bed like good old days. Like how we get to do a ‘in-house’ movie marathon that weekend.

Alhamdulillah for all that.

If you have reached up to this part, remember: SLEEP SEPARATELY WHEN ONE IS SICK. 

And also, if something bad befalls you, take a deep breath, and trust that there is something good in it.


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