Day 4: Who inspires you?

Write about someone who inspires you

always be a pineapple.:

My inspiration in life comes from many sources and people. I turn to different ones depending on the situation.

One of the many people I have known who inspires me was (and still is) Ms. Rakel Liew. I used to work at the Singapore Sports Council once upon a time and she was the Deputy Director for the division I worked in.

Although I never had to report to her directly, I was always at awe in her presence. You could sense her presence the moment she stepped into the building, with her professional sense of style and heels. Her serious and focused expression intimidated me and some of us, but she cared to listen to what anyone had to say.

There are more things about her and I can go on, but maybe next time. Maybe. Let’s just say, she is one of the people who inspires me; career-wise, health-wise, character-wise.

If this post sounded like I am talking abount someone who no longer exists, with all the past tense… sorry! I am not so good at this – talking about someone whom I used to know but still inspires me till today.

I hope she is doing well in whatever she is doing now, wherever she is now.



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