Day 8: Struggles

Share something you struggle wit

Many people don’t know this, but I am pretty particular with house cleaning. It’s not like those severe cases in “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners” lah, so you can probably tolerate me. LOL. (But I think I blame on D because he is such a clean freak that he cleaned my parents’ house right after our wedding reception.)

My issue is: I just don’t want to see any messes, if I can help it. So I am fine with chucking things in the storage stool as long as I don’t see it lying randomly on the floor. I am fine buying more food containers to store leftover as long as they are not stored in a plastic (because they are unstackable on top of one another). I am fine putting things in a certain place, so that I don’t see them in another place.

And I keep telling myself, they are just temporary, I’ll find a proper place for them later. The truth is, I’d forget about them later. Heh.

With more of similar issues like above combined, I end up struggling with home organization. There are days I dread cleaning the house (padahal rumah tak besar pun) because I fear discovering items that I know I need to put them away but I don’t know where.

Thankfully there are Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook for ideas and motivation, or else I think I’d still be living with my parents. Meantime, #pantrygoals

Pantry Organization - this is perfect, well it needs labels and the expiry dates.:

(Image credit:


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