Day 10: “What if”

Something you always think “What if…” about

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This is something I am too familiar with. I’ve had many “what if” thoughts during my younger days, and thankfully they have reduced because too many “what ifs” can lead to unnecessary stress.

But for the past months, I had been thinking a lot about death. Just 1 what-if question led to another question, and another, and another.

What if tomorrow I never wake up?

What will happen to the house?
What will happen to D? Will he move on? Will he remarry?
What will happen to our utility/tv bills that we usually share? Can he cope to pay alone?
How will I cope with the sufferings in the grave?
Have I said sorry to people I have wronged unintentionally/intentionally?
Will I be remembered?
What will happen to my social media accounts?
Will D miss my cooking? My naggings?
Who will do the housework?
Who will iron D’s clothes?
Have my sins been forgiven?
When will kiamat be?

Astarghfirullah, astarghfirullah, astarghfirullah.

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