Day 15: My Whole Day

Ahah! Lost my mojo for the past few days, now I am in the mood to ‘catch-up’. Hahaha. Cheating, you may call it, but I. WANT. TO. COMPLETE. THIS. CHALLENGE.

Bullet-point your whole day

The date was 16 Aug 2016, and I took an urgent leave. My body was aching from gym & meal prepping the night before. One week hiatus and my trainer don’t want to give face.

Here we go!

  • Woke up at around 11am and heated up D’s lunch.
  • Cleaned the kitchen a bit and made goat’s milk.
  • Woke D up for work and I had some thoughts about going to Decathlon to snag me a sports armband.
  • Left the house after 3pm to head over to City Square Mall.
  • DECATHLON!!!! But I’ll tell you the one at Chai Chee is heaven. “Snag me a sports armband,” she said, and I ended up in the fitting room…. with no tops/pants that fit me.
  • Disappointed, I paid for my armband… and socks (hehhehe)… and walked across to Uniqlo, to try on some work clothes. Na ah. Nothing fit me.
  • Depressed, I went to Watsons knowing the only thing that would cheer me up – COSMETICS.
  • Walked out with 2 lipsticks. YASSSS.
  • Went home happy, with two cups of KOI.
  • Ironed some work clothes… and watched some TV… and watched Qanun 99 on the internet before zzzz.

My weekdays are of course not like the above, because the first 8 bullet points would be just replaced with one – AT WORK. LOL.

What I can say is this. If you dig Malaysian dramas, Qanun 99 is addictive! Yana Samsudin & Farid Kamil act in this drama and it is not only just a drama, but you get to learn a little about hukum Syari’ah and hukum Fara’idh.

Any good dramas to recommend?



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