Day 17: My Zodiac

Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you

If Zodiac Signs Were Emoji -- pretty funny! Taurus spelled weird, tho...:

When I was young, I would buy the LIME Magazines monthly… and would read my Zodiac sign, after finished oogling at the celebrities in there. LOL. ‘Zaman jahiliyah’ la katakan.

My mum always reminded me time and again never to believe in zodiacs because it’s like believing other than Allah.  would still read them, but there were times I hoped what was written there could be true.

Of course, I no longer read and believe Zodiac readings, so for the sake of this entry, let’s see.

This reading is for today:

“It’s easy to push past the limits today — the limits set for you by family members, coworkers, and even your own imagination are no match for your determination! You can get out of following the rules by coming up with your own set of guidelines. Who says you have to wake up at a certain time and finish work by a certain time? Make your own schedule and tell folks not to worry. You are sure to excel when you have all of this freedom. You can’t live your life by following other people’s patterns.”

Today I was at a client’s place so it was typical to finish work at about 4-ish. Went to the nearest mall to get me a pair of running shoes because my gym shoes were at the gym. BUT, one thing led to another. After my shoes, I was in Cotton On, grabbed a couple of pants (on sale)… then H&M to get a few tops that met my ‘criteria’.

Reached home, and I decided to make my own dinner, and plans. A movie night, some blog-updating… and then once this SATC movie ends, on to number 2!

So how accurate is the zodiac to actual events today? I’d say, it’s just coincidental.  🙂

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