Day 18: 30 Things

Post 30 facts about yourself

Selamat membaca!!!

  1. I used to hate bananas, big time. Now I am progessively okay with eating them.
  2. When I was young, I had no self of control. I would pee anytime and anywhere. With pants on.
  3. When I was Primary 1 (or 2, can’t remember), I had my right and left index fingers stuck inside the doors of the lift at my aunt’s place. I was pretending to perform a concert in the lift and was wide arms opened as I stepped out of the lift… so… hmm. A small of piece of flesh was ripped out, but all I could remember was my grandfather applying minyak gamat on the wound.
  4. I wanted to be teacher when I was young.
  5. I love heels. I owned many pairs once upon a time… But I would never wear them now.
  6. I used to love trying on every shoes at the store.
  7. I used to love picking up outfits at the store and make my friends try them on. If you know who you are, thank you for layaning me then.
  8. I used to keep journals.
  9. I used to cut out photos of celebrities boy band members and make a collage.
  10. I am an organized person at work. Not so much at home. The irony.
  11. I used to fantasize getting married to a certain American boy band member. Perasan much?
  12. I was never this overweight.
  13. I love challenges. Challenge me, and I will give it my best shot.
  14. I love rubbing my hand against fabrics when at fabric shops, and clothes when I pass by a rack of them.
  15. I have the habit of smelling unfamiliar food before eating them.
  16. I don’t have a single game app in my hand phone.
  17. Before I changed to my current phone, I hadĀ over 1000 photos in my old phone. I ignored notifications about running low on memory from my old phone.
  18. I lost my mojo to be able to calculate mentally. I am talking big numbers. Haiz.
  19. Me and technology have an unspoken agreement. You don’t kacau me, I don’t get angry at you.
  20. I choose never to be revengeful, simply because it is very exhausting to be revengeful.
  21. I can be a very forgetful person.
  22. I keep mum when I am angry. When I was a toddler, I would announce that I was keeping mum, whenever I was angry.
  23. I love mingling with the elders. It started when I worked part-time at a mosque as a customer service officer.
  24. When I value someone, I treasure the relationship.
  25. I love the smell of libraries, the ones with tonnes of books and not those that start to look like a ‘playground’.
  26. When I cook, I like to be alone and undisturbed.
  27. I used to dread Bollywood movies. Until D came along.
  28. I love white. Unfortunately, white things gets dirty easily. šŸ˜¦
  29. I dread buying sunglasses, because I lack a nose bridge (aka hidung pesek).
  30. I’d like to thinkĀ that there is good in every one, even in the most notorious person on earth.

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