Day 19: First Love

Discuss your first love

Hahahahahahah okay this is pretty embarassing, because I don’t like to talk about the past that involves bittersweet memories. So I’m going to keep this brief.

I’ve had many crushes, too many to count because I was not allowed to have a relationship. My parents always warned me about this BGR issue especially during secondary school because you know, hormones. And peer pressure (satu ade matair, sume nak ade matair).

My first love happened during my second year of polytechnic and it ended when it was entering its 3rd year (I think). I was the one who ended it for reasons I shall not disclose, but it was this relationship that I discovered something about myself:

I am the type who commits hard in a relationship. While I have a few friends who can break up with their boyfriends and move on easily, I am not that type of person. To me, people’s feelings are involved, so I take into consideration many things before agreeing to be in a relationship. If I am the kind who breaks up with guys and move on to the next one easily, how would the guy feel? How would I feel if a guy did that to me?

A conservative approach to ‘first love’ is “love after nikah”, aka match-making. While I do envy married couples who loved through it all through this, I think in this day and age, it is wise to know your spouse-to-be first.

To those who married their first loves, stay in love always. May God protect and bless your marriages.

To those who didn’t, things happen for a reason. Let’s never dwell in it, and may we all move on from it.



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