Day 22: First 10 songs today

Put your music on shuffle and post the first ten songs

I don’t know how you will react to this, but my first ten ‘songs’ are all ten surahs of he Al-Quran.

This morning was an unexpected, rushed morning. We woke up at my parents’ place, after an impromptu decision to sleep overnight last night. Luckily we had one set of spare clothes but no spare tudung for me. So I am pretty mismatched today.

D sent me to work later, but halfway through our journey, there was a heavy downpour. Time: 8.05am. I dropped a quick update to my colleagues that I’d be late, and waited for about 20 minutes till it reduced to drizzles.

Reached office at 8.45am after surviving the predictable crazy traffic, feeling cold and wet… and so mismatched. Lol. So I decided to plug in my headphones, opened Spotify and played the album: Quran Meshary Rashid Al Afasy.

All that rush and coldness… I feel at peace listening to the Quran. Just what I need.

Have a great day everyone!

#francescas Truuuueee:

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