Day 25: Sweet Sour Fish

Think about any word. Search it on Google images. Write something inspired by the 11th image.

Image result for sweet sour fish

D went fishing earlier this month with his friends, and I was pretty nervous abut the whole thing. I was afraid if he’d told me he didn’t catch any (buang masa kannn) OR if he caught a big fish. But before he went fishing, I told him that any catch he would have to clean it up himself. Nyehehe.

Fish cleaning was never my cup of tea. Ok, more like geli. Any elderly reading this would be cursing me right now. The red fish that sells for $4/kg at Geylang already make me shriek every time I clean the guts out (with all the ‘slimes’) while wearing gloves.

Gloves, my bestfriends in times of need.

That day, he brought back a big fish. It was apparently the smallest among the catch of the whole gang that day, but to me, that fish could have just eaten my whole arm. With the bottom freezer drawer already cleared in advance for D’s catch of the day, D cleaned it with not so much love and care… because big fish means big bones. What, you’d think we’d have special knives and scissors to cut those?

So there I was relaxing in the living room with D cleaning it in frustration. Ahhh yessss…

He cut it in two and put in the ‘designated’ freezer drawer till it was time to cook. And today was the day.


Sweer sour fish. Don’t even need any rice with it to finish that kinda fish.


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