Day 27: Kick Ass

Conversely, write about something that’s kicking ass right now

wake up kick ass be kind repeat.:

What’s kicking ass for me at the moment is feeling stronger, physically and mentally, and this has something to do with the gym.

When I resumed my gym membership in March this year, my main intention was to get the motivation I need to exercise and lose weight. Fast forward to August, I didn’t see the numbers on the scale going downwards, they remained constant. I was about to feel demotivated thinking I never exercise enough, but my trainer showed me something else.

The reason I haven’t been losing the numbers on the scale was because I gained muscle instead. Then she showed me my body measurements to convince me, and I went back to be a happy camper. Haha.

Recently I watched this video from Youtube:

I don’t focus on lifting weights in the gym because the exercises there are based on circuit with them machines, but Ms. Jessie is very right about the confident boost. (She also has a banging body, and I say that with awe.)

Before I joined the gym, I would never find myself on these machines because I don’t want to embarrass myself for not knowing how to use it. But now not only I know how to operate these machines, but I can help D carry some heavy stuffs without feeling helplessly guilty.

My existing gym membership will be expiring in 6 months, and due to location, I may not renew it and search for a gym which is very likely a public one. Whatever it is, I don’t want to stop, because it gives you a darn good feeling.

Legally Blonde - Love this movie!!:

(Image/Video credit:



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