Morning People

Most of the time I had been commuting by bus/train to work, today I observed something.

I was at the bus stop near my place, it was 6.50am and it was the school holidays. The bus operator recently changed to a new one and I have heard mixed reviews about it. I saw two kids of about the same age, probably on their way to their childcare centre or the babysitter’s place with their mums… one was sleepy and grumpy as hell, while the other was chirpy, so awake. No grand prize for guessing who’s the morning person.

During one of my religious classes, we were told that everyone one of us is born with a good nature, all innocent. It is experience, environment and the people we mix with that determines what we become later in life.

I wonder, if all of us were born as a morning person. If we find ourselves forcing ourselves out of our ‘puaka’ beds, what changed us? What??!!

As much as I plan at ni ght to wake up so fresh the next morning, I often find myself pressing the snooze button on my radio alarm. On the other hand, I have a colleague who automatically wakes up at 5am EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. without the help of any alarm clock.

What sorcery is this?


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