2017 Goals

New Year Resolution Fitness Plan + FREE PRINTABLES – 12 Things To Change In 2017:

I have been hesitating to create new year resolutions because based on experience, they always backfire on me within the first 2 months of the year.

So, I didn’t make any. Even so, D and I have decided to use the start of the new year to change something. Our lifestyle.

Have I mentioned that I was 20kg lighter abt 4 years ago? I am sure I have, somewhere here and Twitter. D is well-aware that he is experiencing the same thing, but I seem to be more affected by what is happening to me. He is okay to squeeze his body into a seemingly tight fitting t-shirt (that used to be lose), while I complain about having nothing to wear every single day. #girlproblems #youknowit

Don’t even get me started on the contents of our fridge. Our food-obsessed minds screamed FREEDOM the moment the fridge moved into our home. Okay, let’s not get into details what we can find in there. Basically less than 1% is healthy (and that includes plain water).

Only recently we started to tone it down a little, by replacing our usual sweet drinks with plain water, adding more veggies & nutritious food (we now LOVE salmon)… thought we are still weak in the Fruits Department, but baby steps ok?

Exercise-wise, D is interested in weights (he frowns upon cardios, whatever they did to him) so we recently ordered a home gym equipment, hopefully if it’s good I can share it here! So we are now patiently waiting for its arrival.

As for me, if it’s free, anything goes! Because once my current gym membership ends in March, I am not going to renew. The gym is very good, but I decided not to renew due to location-related reasons. I had recently downloaded 30-Day Challenge app, and so far so good.  I also bought a skipping rope ($2.60 from Decathlon – that place is heaven) and I hope my neighbours downstairs don’t have to deal with thumping sounds from their ceiling every night.

I am toying with the idea of jogging on a regular basis. I don’t why I hesitate so much when it comes to jogging, when my place is the ideal place to do so. I hope I do this soon.

Not too sure if I should journal our ‘journey’, well that is something for me to think about after our KFC dinner later. Haaaaaaa.

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