Go, or No Go

Assalamualaikum guys.

I have been given a task which has left me very fickle-minded.

Last year, a group of D’s friends talking about planning a trip to Krabi in March 2017. We, oh well, I was super excited because I am in loooooooove with Krabi since our honeymoon trip in 2013, I CAN’T WAIT TO COME BACK!

For the love of minions (17 photos):

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, it was in early this month that the group was reduced to 2 people: D & I je lah.

Some trips are better booked way early, while others are still okay to book at last minute. Not quite sure about Krabi if we still go ahead with it, at the same time, it can be anywhere else besides Krabi… but here was where I got indecisive:

In shaa Allah we plan to perform umrah in December this year, and if we were to forgo this March trip, we would have extra $$$ for umrah.


Forgoing the March trip would mean I will be in Singapore (and maybe JB) for until we go for umrah.


I have already applied for leave (of course I can cancel that if I’m staying put in SG.)

The task that D gave me, was to decide whether we would still be going for a trip, or not.

I was contemplating to go to Batam (for the third time in 4 months, hahahahha, I might as well migrate there), but D was not keen on that idea, because…. it would be our third trip in 4 months. Heheheh.

And then we have Groupon, where temptations lay… until the fine prints/details start to confuse me.

And then, back to Krabi.

And then, the thought of having extra $$ for umrah.



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