Dear Haters,

Assamualaikum everyone.

Haters gonna hate.:

No, this post is not about me, because I hope I have no haters! Hahaha. Eh alamak, if I do have haters, please forgive me okay for whatever wrong I did to you. (Yikes!)

Majority knows “King Coco” by now. I find it disturbing that there are Instagram accounts for her haters, and these accounts are obviously managed by one of the haters. The posts in these accounts always seem to mock what she does, how she looks, what she possibly did in the past, and mock her husband (if you know, you know lah) for marrying her.

To the people who manage these IG accounts, EH BANYAK MASA KORANG EH?! Obsessed sangat korang dengan dia ye?

I am not related to Coco in any way, I don’t follow her IG account & haters’ accounts (& yet they always pop up in my Browse section, why ah??), but I know there are always TWO SIDES to every story, and us humans should have the brains to know that before jumping to conclusions AND spread our thoughts like wildfire. Unfortunately, some of us don’t. And also unfortunately, she isn’t the only person with ‘dedicated haters’ (if I may call them that).

How would YOU like it to be misunderstood for the wrong reasons?

How would YOU like it to be mocked?

How would YOU like it if nobody is interested to hear your side of your story?

I hope these haters would gradually stop, because what they are doing is really non-beneficial. Seriously, if anyone read the captions of the posts of these accounts, langsung takde faedah & some do sound childish, that I wonder if a 14-year was were posting these.

And you know what, I feel that Coco is winning in this situation with her strong front. She may have many people against her, but she is still moving forward and on with her life as normal.

If you are facing the same situation as this young lady I mention in this post, may God grant you strength and patience. Afterall, Allah is Al-Alim – The Most Knowing.

If you are hating on someone right now, let’s be forgiving and pray that the same thing does not happen to others. And if the other DID in fact did you wrong, let’s pray that the person realizes this and not repeat the same mistake.

If you are hating on someone you don’t even know, let’s don’t judge. You won’t like to be judged by a complete stranger, would you?

If you hate me, so sorry. Please DM me. Heh.

LET’S LOVE ONE ANOTHER, AND STOP THE HATING. Because hating is seriously unnecessary hard work.

"Seeing folks as well as ourselves, as having moved beyond problem areas in personality, onto greater levels of maturity, is all part of applying mercy. This is a hard concept for some people because they have been taught to react to others based on current behaviors ....:

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One thought on “Dear Haters,

  1. I think those haters; their lives must be so miserable in the first place. So miserable that they have to put others down in order to make themselves feel good. Kesian kan?

    Happy people who dislike someone/something would just channel their energies to other means to make them happy!

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