Salam Ramadhan!

Ramadan is only days away, yet even those days are not guaranteed. We shouldn’t solely depend on Ramadan to change our habits. Let’s switch on #RamadanMode today.:

Ahhh I miss writing.

First of all, Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, family, friends, dan sewaktu dengannya. Today we will be reaching one week into Ramadhan (in shaa Allah), and I hope the past 7 days have been nothing but beneficial for us all.

Second of all, I don’t plan to bother explaining why I have not been posting here for sometime (because, what’s new kan! hahaha), so I shall just jump in with one post after another. #nocommitment

Recently, Allah has given D and I yet another set of roller coaster event in our lives, where D was involved in a road accident on the eve of Vesak Day. The accident was not serious (and I don’t plan to go into details), but it resulted in a fractured left hand which needed surgery. Now with a metal plate installed into his hand to correct the fractured bone, I now have a part-Logan for a husband.

Surprisingly, I was not as cool as the time D had to undergo an emergency surgery to remove his appendix. I was more kan-cheong this time. So many things were worrying me, although our families were providing any support they could (mostly emotional support and prayers). It also helped that D was staying at Raffles Hospital – very atas sia. Macam hotel. Kalo korang takde strict budget, can try Raffles Hospital. LOL.

D is recovering very well as I am typing this now, and alhamdulillah things have been going rather uphill since the accident.

Also, we have a new member in the family by the name of Miss Siti Humaira Binte Muhammad Farhan! My pretty niece was born on 13 May 2017, and we couldn’t help reminisce the good old days with Falahuddin when he was just born. She has been one cool chick and so chill, that you’d be jealous.

I cannot wait to watch Humaira grow up and see how her character will be.

May Allah always keep us under His protection & love. Ameen.

Till the next post (whenever)!