Our Latest Addition

How could I forget to share about our newest addition to the Hall of Haji Makani Great-Grandchildren??? We have reached 30+ kids to date. And growing!

On 13 May 2017, we welcomed Ms. Siti Humaira’ Binte Muhammad Farhan into this world. Yes! Little Falahuddin now is ABANG Falah who has to give up all his toys if his sister wants them. (inserts evil laughter)

3 months on, Falah is actually doing an awesome job as an Abang (although not to the changing-diaper-or-bathing-her extent)… he has been so good that my brother and sis-in-law should have more kids. Heeeeh.

Unlike me & my brother, Humaira’ is almost Falah’s replicate when he was a baby, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that she looks like her father or mother so far. And unlike me and Falah, I’m sure this time nobody can assume I’m her mum. LOL.

Her birth story is a pretty interesting one, where you can read all about it in her mother’s space here!

Humaira’ reignites the fun times we had with Falah when we spoke in baby-language (even babies don’t understand), when her ‘aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh’ reply is entertaining to us adults, when her smile is something celebratory and the two things she does that is starting to show her personality – sticking out her tongue and balling up one of her fist to suck it. I hope it doesn’t stay as she grows. Tak baik girl stick out tongue.

She doesn’t spend as much time with us like Falah since my sis-in-law is a SAHM for awhile since Humaira’ was born, so of course la when we get to see her, everybody so geram. I think she also geram with us through her shrieks.

So dear Humaira’,

Please know that your abang’s poking and squeezing your face are his ways of showing his love for you. Maybe he loves you a lot more than WE love you. Maybe you will realize it when you grow older and he gives in to you all the time.

We hope your relationship with your abang will be a special one like me and Abi, Ummi and Uncle Fid. Because blood is thicker than water and at the end of the day, you will have each other (for now, unless there’s more of you. Say ‘Ameen’).

Grow up well and healthy and more importantly, an abiding Muslimah who pleases her parents’ hearts no matter what (not like me, I very naughty last time).


Meantime, anybody knows where to get anti-aging potion for babies? #whydotheygrowupsofast


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