Teacher’s Day Gift

A few days ago, I was in the bus on the way home from work and I sat facing these two sisters (with their mum seated nearby). They attend the same primary school and of course at different levels.

They were having a conversation about what to buy for their teachers for Teachers’ Day and what first struck me to listen eavesdrop was their impressive American English accent. It didn’t sound made up since there wasn’t even a tinge of Malay accent (yes, they are Malay girls) and the whole conversation was so fluent. And entertaining too.

Anyway, their conversation went like this.

Sis 1: So what are you getting for Teachers’ Day?
Sis 2: I think I’m getting an iPhone case for Ms. XXX.
Sis 1: What model is she using?
Sis 2: I saw her using iPhone 6, so it must be iPhone 6.
Sis 1: The old or newer model?
Sis 2: Hmmm…
Sis 1: How’s the size? 
Sis 2: It’s like Aunt AAA’s.
Sis 1: Oh then it must be the newer model.

(I am not even aware that iPhone 6 has 2 versions. Hahaha.)

Sis 1: I think I’m getting a Stephen King book for Mr. YYY. He would like it.

(Eh eh, lain macam je girl.)

Sis 2: I know what to get for Ms. ZZZ! Rubber bands!

(Say what?)

Sis 1: Yes! You should! She always has a row of rubber bands around her arm. I can so imagine her saying this, “And the best teacher’s day gift goes to xxxx (Sis 2)”
Sis 2: Yeah! That’s why I thought of rubber bands! She’ll definitely appreciate them!

So teachers, if you feel your students are not paying attention in class, think again.


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