Hi there. You have reached this part of my blog where I brag about myself. Heh. Ok, let’s look at it this way – this is where you may find information (whether useful or not) about the person who blogs here.

Who is I? I is Juliana. Who enjoys blogging about things about things worth sharing. I decided to start a blog in October 2003, when I realized I have so many journals/diaries dated way back when I was in Secondary 3, and they were all collecting dust in my cupboard. I didn’t have the heart to throw them away – all those haunting memories need to remind me how foolish I was back then.

I blame it on my English teacher, really, because he made his students who were weak in English (me, being one of them) to write a diary in our school A4 sized exercise book, and submit it to him every week. His objective is to help us improve on our English. Of course, confidentiality was GOLDEN. I wrote many silly stuffs in that book, but amazingly my English did improve, as my teacher pointed out the grammatical and vocabulary mistakes.

Anyway, so I started a blog in October 2003 and I typed a lot. Gradually, I decided to filter out my thoughts and not type out every single second of my life. No offence to other bloggers out there, but I began to find it sickening to blog about every single nitty gritty moment of your day – I woke up, made my bed, decided to wear orange to school, left house at ___am, took the bus and saw _____, etc. You get my drift.

I am the eldest child in the family, but I behave like the youngest. Mainly because I am the shortest, and it’s been to my advantage…. especially when Raya comes. Hehehe. *sings “MONEY MONEY MONEY!”* However, as I grow older, I prepare myself for the day that my ‘younger-looking’ charm will sooner or later fade away. I hope that day doesn’t come so soon. Hah.

I have the most wonderful bunch of friends who are hard to come by. From when we were still students until we are working YOUNG adults, we still meet up occasionally now. And when we do, you can expect roars of laughter and definitely great company. And food.

If any of you wonders who Tok is in some of my entries, he’s not my grandfather. He’s my great grandfather. Hehe. Ok, he’s my husband whom I forced him to make me his girlfriend in 2008. Ok, not true – we met at En-Naeem Mosque where he was one of the youths, and I was just the receptionist. Alhamdulillah, with God’s grace, we got married on 09 March 2013, and married life has been a blast! May God continue to give us the strength and patience to endure the challenges we shall face, and embrace the love we have for each other.

If anybody asks for any interesting fact about me, you can probably say that ‘Juliana doesn’t eat bananas. She can’t. Or her face will turn blue.’ No kidding. I mean the not eating banana part. The blue-faced part only happened when I first ate banana in my whole life. I did try eating banana again in my younger days, but eating it as a fruit will only lead it out again from my mouth in another form.

I WOULD eat it though, if it’s already processed or mixed with something else… like this kuih that has a few slices of banana in it, or banana split, and even banana cake (I will eat a banana cake). But not the fruit. Nah-uh. Something about the fruit just eeks me, my senses and my digestive system out. However, my family and friends seem to have a kick out of seeing my eeked-out expression whenever they relate the fruit to me. “Eh, Juli likes to eat banana. It’s her favourite food” “It’s jemput-jemput/goreng pisang… Sedaaaap.”

Oh, and never talk to me right after eating a banana. Or at least warn me first, then I’ll stay a distance away from you.

Banana? YUCKS.

I guess that’s about much information that I can disclose about myself. If I have more time, perhaps I can furnish it more with decorations. Haha. Riggght. Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading the entries and get the sharing-is-caring thing immuned in all of us. =)

Love from the 18-year old girl (or at least that’s what I love telling myself),


One thought on “Girl-0-Sophy

  1. woits! i didn’t know you had this page… and blimey! i actually read everything, word for word.

    oh gosh, juls! i love your randomness. so funneh!

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