Let’s Go!!!

Assalamualaikum everyone…

Following my last post, we FINALLY decided. To go for a vacation!

Not to Krabi, but just hopping over to Malacca!!!!!

Malacca, Malaysia:

Foods to eat:
Subway (a MUST when a Singaporean Muslim goes to Malaysia, lol)
Coconut shake
Durian Chendol
Satay Celup
Chicken Riceballs
Halal Peranakan meals (my colleague raves abt Peranakan food there, but has no idea if they are halal)

Things to do/places to visit:
Visit Melaka Zoo (D wanted this 5 years ago)
Malacca Straits Mosque
Melaka River Cruise
Jonker Night Market
Menara Taming Sari
Ride a trishaw

From the lists above, confirm balik lagi bulat seh.

(Image credit: http://momentsofyugen.com/malacca/)


Go, or No Go

Assalamualaikum guys.

I have been given a task which has left me very fickle-minded.

Last year, a group of D’s friends talking about planning a trip to Krabi in March 2017. We, oh well, I was super excited because I am in loooooooove with Krabi since our honeymoon trip in 2013, I CAN’T WAIT TO COME BACK!

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Why I Started.

Assalamualaikum everybody!

Hope new year’s day was spent in the best way you had planned/imagined. I basically slept at 12.15am, woke up to cook and made an impromptu plan to go to Mustafa. Surprisingly, the crowd was not as bad as we always dreaded (but we never learn anyways), so it was a rather breezy trip.

I was briefly scrolling down this space, and realized that I haven’t been updating as much. I mean, I used to love posting entries after entries, I think you might  even spot what type of toothpaste I used!

Priorities changed. My mindset changed. I no longer want to share with you what type of toothpaste I use anymore. There are more important things in life, like praying for world peace, responsibilities, grooming future generations, reminiscing the past, current affairs, Islamic affairs, and so much more.

Why did I start blogging? Because it was a simple transition from handwritten diaries to the online version (saved the trees too). I tried Blogspot, MSN, Tumblr (just to name a few) before I settled at WordPress. By then, I knew the hassle of hopping all over the place (oh the html codes) but WordPress had a function to import your entries from your previous address to theirs. After that, I told myself I am never going to bother myself with anymore hopping.

But overtime, I find myself updating lesser. I don’t know why I have the habit to create/save drafts, and when I revisit them at a later time, I find them irrelevant then, DELETE –> No post –> End process.

I would love to give this space another chance. Let me find my inspiration, because I really hope and want my entries can be regarded as a form of ‘sharing sessions’ and/or at least beneficial. In shaa Allah. Enough with personal stuffs (like what I ate yesterday), and stuffs.

Let’s give you a new lease of life!!

(Just kidding, I never shared what type of toothpaste I used. Heh.)

Too much good

Anyone...anyone? I say this everytime I mic check haha:

October was so so good, I was actually dreading November. And now we are already reaching the end of November. Pffft.

So many good stuffs happened in October, such as D and my birthdays. Then birthday celebrations. Then some more birthday celebrations.

(That’s one of the pros of being married. Spouse celebrates your birthday. Family celebrates your birthday. Your in-laws celebrate your birthday. Woohoo! But please eh, don’t get married solely for this reason. -_-)

Wedding receptions. These days I appreciate invitations to wedding receptions, sejak dah kawin ni kan. LOL. I have no idea why I used to dread it a lot!

Then some more birthday celebrations.

Hahaha. Okok. I’ll stop, to the next October!

(Image from here.)